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Clan of the Risen Sun

Postby Kinneret » Sun Jan 23, 2011 4:09 pm

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and to clarify some matters.

My name is Kinneret Bloodtotem and I am the Chief of the Clan of the Risen Sun. Many of you know the Clan and you know of our proud history and the brave adventurers and explorers we have fostered.
All this is well and good, but I find myself in a difficult position and this is why I am approaching you this way.
I seek the attention of Yadard Bowyen to help address this situation and to explain what has happened to the Clan.

I recovered from this cataclysm that has befallen us all, along with most of our brothers and sisters, although some are gone from us. Along with my sister, Softheart, I fought my way back to Thunder Bluff in the hope of reuniting with our Clan. Imagine our distress when we found the Clan decimated! So many names and faces gone, but not taken in the twisting and tearing of the land, but gone to fight with you, Yadard!
You have taken my best people and you have offered them, what? Fame and glory? Rich rewards? Pah.

Our Clan cries out for the loss of its family, it cries out for the strength that has gone from it, it cries out for justice.

I need to know what you propose to help rebuild the Clan. Maybe you feel me to be forward, coming to you like this, making demands, but a strong Clan needs a strong leader.
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Re: Clan of the Risen Sun

Postby Khainos » Mon Jan 24, 2011 2:24 am

I know your call is for Yadard, but I can not let a plea from the Clan simply pass me by.

You should know that it pained me greatly to leave the Clan behind, and I hope my choice in successor was the right one. I do hope to one day return and once again share in the heat of the bonfires on the meeting nights. It is always a time I miss greatly.

However, I have some good news. A former student of mine, Taarn, has taken up the mantle of Sunwalker and I know for a fact that the young lad is looking for a place to call his own, a Clan to belong to. He may be young and full of energy, but he is eager to learn and has a warm heart. I will let him know that the Clan could need his help.

It is good to know that Neraha chose a strong Chief to take over from her. I can only hope that the Clan will live through these trying times. Even though we may not be physically appearing in the Clan as we once were, our hearts still belong to the Risen Sun.
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Re: Clan of the Risen Sun

Postby Neraha » Wed Jan 26, 2011 11:16 am

I can't speak for Yadard, but I can try and explain why I left the Clan. I don't think I had really done that before; perhaps because it was too painful at the time to think about.

The Clan was my home and family. It had been the anchor for my sanity throughout these years fighting against the latest threat to all life, and I was granted the greatest honor to become its Chief. Leaving was unthinkable, and yet here I am now, an outsider to the family I had known for so long.

The violent and sudden change to the world affected us all, and I could not help but change along with it. When the Barrens was torn in two, my tribe was caught in the chaos. Many of them are hurt, and more are missing and feared dead, among them my mother.

The rage at what was done threatened to consume me, and it was then I realized that I was not fit to lead the Clan, not when my thoughts were filled with vengeance. I could not lead when I couldn't trust myself to walk the level path. Even control over my feral side had started to slip. I felt I had to leave.

It saddens me that the Clan has weakened. Still, it eases my mind somewhat knowing that the Clan is in good hands, to grow strong once again. And I live in hope that someday, when I am ready to stop fighting, I will come back once more and finally rest.
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Re: Clan of the Risen Sun

Postby Softheart » Wed Jan 26, 2011 12:26 pm

I have also been a bit slow to take up the fight for the survival of the Clan, although in truth I have not left. Since my heart broke when my mate Rockhoof disappeared and I was no longer fit to fight with Sworn I have spent too much time in isolation, brooding on a future that was not to be.
I am determined to snap out of this misery and aid Kinneret in rebuilding this home.

I don't know about others but for Neraha to claim she is an outsider is not so. Maybe you are no longer our leader but you are at our heart, and in our hearts. My sister is a just leader and she would welcome any previous family member who wanted to join with us again, even if it is as a friend, and not as brethren.

Please, search your heart and speak to your families. The Clan can be a powerful ally in these times of trouble but only if we are again strong. Ask your family if anybody wants to walk the path with us, make us strong.
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Re: Clan of the Risen Sun

Postby Yadard » Wed Jan 26, 2011 11:36 pm

What did I offer? A chance at saving our ruined world.

The clan has long grown strong warriors, cunning hunters, wise druids and insightful shamans. It's weakness has alwayd been isolation. You are open only to the Tauren. Even the adoptive sister of one of your oldest and most respected members may not be a part of the Clan simply because she is a Troll, so she served in a mercenary company before joining Sworn as an auxilery.

I have a temendous respect for the Clan, but you are a prooving ground for young Tauren looking to make their way in the world. Perhaps this was not always so, but you need to deal with the present, not the past.
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Re: Clan of the Risen Sun

Postby Kinneret » Thu Jan 27, 2011 12:19 am

Ah, the arrogance of the Paladin.

You think to lecture me on the standards we set, the boundaries we hold ourselves to. Yes, we have restrictions on who belongs in the Clan, but it is a spiritual boundary, long since set in stone by Ghualmar and not lightly set aside.
Yes indeed, times change, but if we cannot hold to some of the old ways we have no founding principles to guide us.
You refer to Comanchi, I presume, who was and still is, much beloved. I was led to believe that she didn't want to be an intrinsic part of us anyway, and I was never approached to seek admission for her. Don't get me wrong, it was unlikely that she would have been officially a member of the Clan, but she sat in on every meeting that she wanted to and we did her the courtesy of speaking so she could understand. No greater honor could we offer someone not of our lines and all that she missed was a title, which she didn't seek.

I have been pondering granting admission to our fellow druids in the troll line, but this is not a decision I will take lightly or without advice.

I value your words as a respected leader of a strong group of people but I will not be lectured on the structure of the Clan.
I was hoping that you might offer to speak with your people to remind them of their roots. I am not saying that they owe the Clan anything, indeed, nobody does, but you offer nothing but criticism.
I was wrong to approach you, you are obviously too busy saving the world. So be it. I will concentrate on saving the land.

Forgive my anger please, it is unbecoming, please put it down to passion for my family.
Maybe we can someday agree on where we go, and it is good to know that someone is looking out for us all, but it would be a crying shame for us to struggle side by side and yet be poles apart.
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