Milka - 100 Druid

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Milka - 100 Druid

Postby milka » Sat Aug 22, 2015 8:59 pm

Character name: Milka
Level (1-80): 100
Realm : Steamwheedle Cartel
Class: Druid
Profession: Alchemy/Enchanting
Talent: Tank/Boomkin

Race, Class, Role?:
Tauren/Druid/Tank (or ranged DPS)

Gearing. How have you chosen to itemise (gem, enchant) your gear and why ?:
This question is sort of redundant for current content :) Geared with druid gear, enchanted for Mastery

Have you raided before, and if so, to what level of progression?:
Raided up to Hellfire Citadel normal

Why do you want to raid with Sworn?:
You seem to be a laid back group of folks and that's what i'm looking for.

Are you applying as a Sworn Knight, or Sworn Reserve?:

Our raid times are 19:30-23:30 on Wednesday, Thursday and Monday. Can you attend the required amount of raids for your applied position, most of the time?:

What do you expect to gain from Sworn, and what do you feel you can contribute to the guild yourself?:
I expect a guild with no drama and laid back atmosphere. I can contribute with my long time wow experience and cynical wit :)

Have you read the Manifesto and Rules, and do you agree with them?:
Yes and Yes

Do you role-play, and/or abide by the policies of a Roleplaying realm?:
Not really into roleplaying but won't spoil it for others

Real name (optional):


Location, and anything else you want to tell us about yourself.:
Israel, Rehovot, end of the world (sometimes known as shithole)

Anything you'd like to add or ask?:
Not really, no :)

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Re: Milka - 100 Druid

Postby Vashine » Sat Aug 22, 2015 9:02 pm

hey Milka, thanks for the application, management will discuss and get back to you asap.

on behalf of Sworn Management
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Re: Milka - 100 Druid

Postby milka » Sun Aug 23, 2015 11:54 am

Now I see that for my raiding experience I only listed the recent stuff, so here is the full list:

Vanilla: MC (full clear/farm) BWL (full clear/farm) AQ20/40 (full clear/farm), ZG (full clear/farm) Naxx (Tier3 never cleared, wiped a lot and had great fun), Onyxia (killed her twice). Main char was a hunter

TBC: Karazha (full clear/farm) ,The Eye (full clear/farm), Gruul (full clear, farm), SC (full clear/farm), Magtheridon (full clear/farm), Battle for Hyjal (never done while it was relevant), BT (one Illidan kill only) Sunwell (took a break from wow while it was out, never raided while it was relevant) - main char was a hunter

Wotlk: Naxx (full clear/farm in both 10 and 25), Ulduar (full clear/farm in both 10 and 25), VoA (if opportunity presented itself, should have killed all bosses), Onyxia (farmed), CC (full clear/farm on 10 and 25), OS (full clear/farm), ICC (normal - one Arthas kill, heroic - never attempted). Main character - resto shaman

Cata/MoP - didin't play wow during Cata and MoP

Warlords: all LFR, HC on normal first three bosses only
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Re: Milka - 100 Druid

Postby Merlynne » Sun Aug 23, 2015 7:26 pm

Hello Milka,

We are happy to take you on trial as a knight.
Your main spec will be bear, but we would like you to try and gear up for dps as well, since these flexible raid sizes in Warlords sometimes require some flexibility from our tanks and healers in order to get a good group composition.
Would that be a problem?
The alternative would be to bench people, which we would like to avoid.

Poke one of us in-game for a guild invite :)

for Sworn management (Thanatros, Vashine, Aeranis, Gorshaku, Sunfyre).
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Re: Milka - 100 Druid

Postby milka » Sun Aug 23, 2015 7:51 pm

Poke coming right up, and as for dps, I do 43k sustained dps fully buffed in boomkin spec :) I'm well geared for both, but I just prefer bear :)
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